At Tank Quip we strive to be a ‘One – Stop – Quality – Shop’ that provides a comprehensive range of services and products all under one roof. In doing so we provide a single supplier base thereby reducing unnecessary expenditure on outsourced work enabling our customers to forward this cost saving onto their clients.

Tank Quip Pty Ltd was originally incorporated on the 8th February 1984. The company was established for the sole purpose of importing products for the chemical transport industry however by continually moving the goal posts the management of Tank Quip have ensured that they have not stagnated and that the product range has became unlimited and additional partnerships have been established to supply the growing demand.

Further diversification has entailed the purchase of an Engineering company and Laser company to satisfy the growing demand not only for imported products but also good quality locally manufactured components used on road tankers and trailers.

This expansion meant that new premises were acquired to house the three companies all under one roof. This resultant merger has today resulted in a ‘One – Stop – Quality – Shop’ that offers a wide range of services and products that benefits not only the fuel and road transport industry, but, aviation, mining, general engineering, manufacturing, special product, custom builds, agriculture, shop fitters, interior decorating, construction, recycling projects, etc.


The Quality Policy is the means by which Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd measures and satisfies the requirements of the clients, particularly with regards to management responsibility.

The Company is obliged to ensure that its employees understand its Quality Policy, and that its procedures are implemented and maintained at all times. The quality system is periodically and systematically reviewed by management and checked by internal and external quality audits thus ensuring a continual self improvement process.

The Quality Management process is also responsible for the control of all matters pertaining the implementation of these procedures.

This assurance of quality is the fundamental basis of all work undertaken by Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd and the procedures established should are practiced by all personnel at every level in the Company’s structure.


Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd is committed to the industry in bringing applied Engineering solutions to the market.

Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd recognizes that the provision of a consistently high standard of product and service is and will be the keystone of our success, reputation, and the professional satisfaction of all employees.

It is the declared aim of the company to maintain continuous quality improvement, in order to provide our customers with the best possible product and service.

It is the responsibility of all Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd employees to understand and observe Company Quality Procedures, which are mandatory.

This Quality Policy is in accordance with the requirements of;

ISO 9001 Quality Standard.


At Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd we believe that contact between you, the customer and ourselves, should be a positive experience. We have a committed ourselves to living up to your expectations and treating you, the customer, in a manner in which we, ourselves would like to be treated.

We are committed to maintaining the highest professional standard in all our business; and also accept our social responsibility and are therefore proud to be BEE Compliant and a certified.

Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd is able to provide you with a far greater range of products and services, which incorporate but are not limited to the following: Manufacturing and Equipment supply that could be of benefit to your company. By investing in leading-edge technologies Tank Quip (Pty) Ltd strives to achieve cost saving for our clients being a ‘One – Stop – Quality – Shop’.


  • 4kW Bystronic Bystar 4025 Co2 laser cutter. Worktable 6500mm x 2500mm
  • 6kW Bysprint 6520 Fibre laser cutter Worktable 6500mm x 2000mm (1st 6.5m bed in SA)
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Head Dishing Machine
  • And more.


  • Equipment for the Fuel, Chemical, Transport and Aviation industry
  • Repairing & Testing Aviation equipment
  • General road tanker & trailer accessories - Wheel chocks, light boxes, mudguards (Plastic or steel), toolboxes, spare wheel carriers, fire extinguisher brackets and various others.
And to think that all of this is available under one roof. As the Managing Director I would like to personally invite you to make use of our services and put our ‘One – Stop – Quality – Shop’ promise to the test.

Pieter Smit