Valves & Armatures

  • REGO Internal valves
  • Filler connections
  • Ball & Safety relief valves
  • High pressure hose lines / flexible hose lines
  • Wheel wedges
  • Cable drums & Hose Reels

Measuring Systems

  • CORIOLIS-Masse-Durchflussmessgerät LPG-mass, PROMASS 80E, PROMASS 83E, PROMASS 84F
  • LC-Measuring systems MA5, MA7, MA15


  • Corken Z2000, Z3200, Z4200
  • FAS-NZ Serie
  • SIHI
  • Blackmer LGB1, LGL2", LGL 3", LGL 4"

Liquid Level Gauges

  • Liquid Level Gauge for Bulk Storage Tanks, FAS-709
  • Liquid Level Gauges Rochester 6281 Junior/Senior


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Today Domar is the ideal partner of numerous important trailer builders. The functionality of Domar products is guaranteed by the most advanced technologies designed to the fabrication of plastic materials. The injection molding allows the achieving of accurate shapes in each part, especially for the mudguards. The successful element which gave Domar the possibility to be present also in difficult and competitive market, such as the Asiatic market, is the use of automated manufacturing processes.


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Proudly South African: Manufacturing method is by means of rotation moulding that insure consistent wall thickness. The constant rotation of the mould coats the walls evenly during both the heating and cooling processes. The only difference is the color. Fire Box is Red and Spill Kit Box is Grey.

Fitment made easy: No need for various mounting bracket configuration as both the Fire Extinguisher box and the Spill kit box is manufactured with one mould. One size fit all. A 9Kg bottle fit snug in the box, supported in all four corners ensuring the bottle stays rigged.

Cost: Being manufactured locally and no import duties or any other related charges the cost reduced dramatically. By using one mould for both the boxes contributes to the reduction of price.

Size: 640 High x 370 Depth x 310 Width